At the heart of VIROSA’s expanded cinema project, Fishbowl, is a mis-remembered image. Tar Pit Specimen (2022–23) is a version of that image.

VIROSA worked with Carousel’s Press to create the 4-color CMYK edition, which is printed on a polypropylene sheet of “paper.” One context for the film Fishbowl is the LaBrea Tar Pits—a dark and sticky source of fascination for the film’s main character—so it made sense to employ a petroleum-based substrate in the making of this print, redoubling the project’s ties to fossils and their residues. 

In addition to the full-color screenprints, VIROSA has created a series of nine unique, hand-modified proofs.

Sales of the Tar Pit Specimen series will go toward the production of VIROSA’s next film.
Tar Pit Specimen
4-color silkscreen print on polypropylene
24” x 18”
Edition of 10 with 3 AP, 1PP
$400 each

Tar Pit Specimen Variations
Hand-colored silkscreen print on paper
30” x 22”
9 unique variations
$1,000 each

To purchase, message us on instagram or contact by email